• Gradings/Belt tests are what we use to progress students through the ranks from white belt to black belt.

  • These are held three - four times a times a year towards the end of each school term.

  • For each grading we have a visiting instructor participate in the conducting of the event so we can gauge how your students compare to other clubs.

  • Occasionally we will do joint gradings with one or more of our sister clubs which is a larger event and gives the students to show off their hard work and meet other practitioners for other clubs in our network.

  • With consistent training, a student can achieve a black belt within 3 years.


The belts progress in the following order

  • White Belt

  • White Belt with Yellow Stripe

  • Yellow Belt

  • Yellow Belt with Green Stripe

  • Green belt

  • Green belt with blue stipe

  • Blue belt

  • Blue belt with red stripe

  • Red belt

  • Red belt with black stripe

  • Black belt