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Competitions happen several times a year. There are two different types and several different levels. They two types are Poomsae(forms) and Kyrugi (sparring).


Poomsae(Forms) is the Korean term used to describe the forms/patterns in Taekwondo. In Poomsae competitions, students go up against other who competitors who are around the same grade performing their form and are scored on different attributes.

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Kyrugi (Sparring) is the Korean term used for sparring in Taekwondo. In this type of competition, students go ahead to head against one another trying to defeat the other by scoring more points or by TKO (advance students and adults only).

Competitions Levels

Low Level Compettion

  • Inter-club/One-to-One - the lowest level of competition in which matches are hand picked to make sure that both students in each math or of s similar level. There are no headshots in these competitions and they are great for beginners to get their feet wet.

  • Local - Also pretty low level competition but matches go into drawing of lots and are randomly selected.

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Mid - Advance Level

  • Regional - Competitions that take place in different cites in the UK and mid - advance level competitions. Also randomly selected matches through a drawing of lots.

  • National - the highest level In the country. The winner of each weight category is crowned British Champion.

Advance/Elite Level

  • International - These event are for advance students only. These happen in different countries all other the world and attract some of the best competitors from around the world.

  • Major - This competitions are invite only. Athletes attend only by going through a rigorous selection process created by the National governing bodies, World Taekwondo Federation, or the International Olympic Committee.

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