Taekwondo translates to "The way of the Hand and the Foot". Its roots originates back to Korea and was originally used in the Korean army as a means of self-defence. Taekwondo has developed at an astonishing rate with roughly 8 million registered black belts worldwide. The likes of Zlatan Ibrahimovic, Vladimir Putin and Anderson Silva all hold black belts in Taekwondo. It is a great way to improve your fitness, flexibility, confidence and mental resilience, as well as burn those extra calories!

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Tenants of Taekwondo

Weaved throughout the whole learning experience are a set of specific principles that guide all of our teaching practices. By implementing these qualities in class, our intention is that they will positively impact our members across all areas of their lives. They are as follows:

Etiquette -  good manners and respect
Modesty  -  having feet on the ground
Perseverance -  to keep going when the going gets tough
Self Control -  over one's self and actions 
Indomitable spirit -  strong unshakable spirit 

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Building Confidence 

Confidence developed through martial arts crosses over to other situations and environments.

As well as having the ability to defend one's self, it is also important to develop the ability to make good decisions in stressful situations. Confidence in action stems from the belief in one's own ability to respond in effective and safe ways despite the predicament. At Impact Taekwondo we focus on instilling in every student a sense of self-efficacy to respond appropriately and confidently. 

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Improving Focus

Improving focus through martial arts can have a knock on effect in all other areas of life be it school, work and in other activities.

Not everyone who enters the Taekwondo gym will become Olympic or World Champion. But that was never our intention. Sure if any of our members have the potential, we have access to the necessary pathways to assist them. More importantly though, our goal is help make our students become champions in life.